All Sports Trophy  

29th March 2023/24

Deighton A are this year’s winners of the All Sports Trophy in an excellent final with Elland.
The Deighton team of Cameron Sandhu (-1 handicap), Marcus Batkin (-1) and Damian Galka (5) were conceding a team total of 249 handicap points to the Elland team of Alasdair Whiteley (28), James Hodgson (30) and Jonathan Giles (28).
League newcomers Elland started slowly to life in Division Three, but after losing their first few matches, are now on an unbeaten run with 9 wins in their last 10 matches – form which carried them to this year’s handicap final.
Deighton A with games in hand are favourites to claim the Division One title.

In the early encounters, Elland players were not overawed by the occasion and were matching Deighton with some fine attacking shots, only to be punished by serves and spin control by the Deighton players.
After six games, Elland were trailing by 6 points (after handicap adjustment). Batkin then played Giles in the seventh game and the Elland player displayed shots far in excess of the standard of a Division Three player and switched the advantage to Elland by 6 points, going into the final two games. After taking account of handicaps, Deighton needed to claw back 60 points in these final two games. In the penultimate game, Galka beat Whiteley to reduce the deficit and leave Sandhu to make up the remaining 30 points for his Deighton side going into the final game.

In this final game, Sandhu’s skill was too much for Hodgson as he only conceded 6 points (11-1 11-1 11-3 11-1) to give Deighton 404 points to 396 points victory by 8 points.
  Howard Birch